A Message from the Iranian People to Benjamin Netanyahu

Iranian opposition activists displayed banners supporting Israel on a pedestrian bridge in Tehran. The message relates to Vahid Beheshti’s visit to Israel, where he spoke at the Israeli Knesset in January as a guest of the Israel Middle East Forum.

Vahid Beheshti stated: “The Iranians are indicating that they are prepared for an Israeli strike to dismantle the Ayatollah regime, after which the Iranian people will assist in overthrowing the regime. During my visit to Israel, I advocated for peace in the region by eliminating the Islamic Republic. We have 80 million Iranians eager for freedom and democracy.”

Beheshti also mentioned targeting key officials of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp, nuclear facilities, and regime headquarters in Iran. He highlighted the Iranian people’s call for support in combating the Islamic Republic’s terrorists.

Quds force commander warns Israel

The commander of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards, Esmail Qaani, issued a warning to Israel and its allies, stating that the resistance front has not yet displayed its full military capabilities and that more surprises can be expected. He emphasized the challenge posed by Hamas and other groups to the Israeli army.

Last week, reports indicated that Iran authorized Hezbollah to launch a significant attack on Israel in response to fears of IDF intervention in Rafah and Lebanon.

Iran’s Foreign Minister commented on the assassination of a senior Revolutionary Guards commander, attributing the attack to Israel and warning Tel Aviv of consequences.