Anticipating US retaliation: Analyzing Iran’s drone killing in Jordan

The US media is reportedly transparent in discussing how to respond to the Iranian-backed militia attack that killed three Americans in Jordan. CNN claims the US response will be “powerful,” while NBC says the White House is facing pressure to get “approval” from Congress for any retaliation. The Iranian regime is also following these discussions and wondering what is in store for the attackers.

The Biden administration will brief House and Senate lawmakers on the deadly attack this week. The Iranian-backed militia in Iraq has taken credit for drone attacks near the Syrian and Iraqi borders. Iran’s calculations are based on years of attacks in the region without any retaliation. They have shot down drones and mined ships without facing consequences.

Iran feels confident due to its history of attacks across the Middle East with no consequences. The US is expected to make more details public about the attack and discuss who was responsible and how it was carried out. Despite expectations of retaliation, some Iranian militias have evacuated their bases in Syria. Since October 7, there have been over 160 attacks on US forces, with the attack in Jordan being a major escalation.