Behind-the-Scenes: Mossad’s Ongoing Struggle Against Iran During Gaza Conflict – An Analysis

The Mossad’s global activity at its peak
The Mossad played a crucial role in thwarting a plot by Iran to kill Israelis and Jews in Cyprus. The National Security Council issued an unusual warning to Israelis traveling to over 80 countries, with information coming directly from the Mossad. While public knowledge of the agency’s operations is limited, it is currently at its peak in terms of global activity to protect Israelis and Jews. Mossad director David Barnea revealed in a recent speech that his agency and foreign allies thwarted 27 Iranian terrorist plots against Israelis in 2023. Since the Gaza war started, the Mossad has escalated its efforts, calling up reservists and increasing its reach and capacity.

The agency’s growth has led to budget increases, far surpassing its approved budget in recent years. This growth comes in the midst of cutbacks for the IDF, with the Mossad reaching out to allied foreign intelligence agencies to keep Israelis and Jews safe around the world. This is happening as the agency continues to lead efforts in preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The Mossad’s role in protecting Israel’s interests globally remains essential, even as it operates largely in the shadows.