Borrell warns of dire consequences for Middle East if another Palestinian Nakba occurs

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European Union Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell said that the Middle East could not survive another mass displacement of Palestinians and pushed for Gaza to be under the full authority of the Palestinian Authority. He made these comments as he addressed the 8th Regional Forum of the Union for the Mediterranean in Barcelona, and warned of dire consequences if another catastrophe similar to the 1948 War of Independence were to occur. Borrell denounced Hamas’ actions in Gaza and called for Hamas to be removed from the region. He also advocated for a two-state resolution as the only way to restore security to Israel and the region. Borrell urged foreign ministers to support this goal and stressed that peace between Israel and Palestine is essential for the entire Euro-Mediterranean community. He also laid out the parameters for a two-state resolution, stating the importance of rejecting the return of Hamas to Gaza and the illegal colonization of the West Bank. Borrell also emphasized the need for a revitalized Palestinian Authority in Gaza and the importance of Gaza becoming part of a Palestinian state.