City Center of Tehran Adorned with Pro-Israel, Anti-Iranian Banners

In Tehran, Iran, citizens displayed banners with anti-regime messages and “We stand with Israel” on Thursday. The banners also showed support for Vahid Beheshti, an anti-regime activist who recently visited Israel. On January 2nd, Beheshti spoke at the Knesset Israel Victory Caucus, urging them not to be afraid to attack Iranian bases and showing support for the Iranian people. Beheshti responded positively to the banners, saying they showed the support of the Iranian people for Israel. He described the banners as a direct message of support and solidarity and thanked the people of Iran for their bravery. The banners emphasized the desire for freedom and democracy in Iran and expressed a strong stance against the Iranian government. Overall, the banners conveyed a clear message of support for Israel and opposition to the Iranian government.