Controversial Allegations: Israel Accused of Harvesting Organs from Bodies of Hamas Terrorists in Gaza

The IDF returned bodies to Gaza on Wednesday. However, according to the Hamas-run Gaza Government Media Office, these bodies were missing vital organs. The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the receipt of 80 bodies taken from Gaza to Israel. According to Al Jazeera, Gaza’s GMO said that the bodies were “mutilated” and that Israel had removed “vital organs from them.” Turkish media outlets and Palestinian media outlets have criticized the silent position of international organizations towards the alleged crime by the Israeli occupation. NGOs have also claimed that Israel has wrongfully taken parts from Palestinian bodies before. Israel, on the other hand, stated that they were returning the bodies after confirming that they were not Israeli hostages taken by Hamas. Supermodel Gigi Hadid also came under fire for claiming that “Israel has been harvesting organs from dead Palestinians for years without their consent.” She later apologized for the post, stating that she did not fact-check or deeply think about the information before reposting it.