Controversial Coffee: Jordanian Cafe Features ‘Holocaust’ Drink with Toasted Marshmallows

The coffee shop, Gosta Coffee, in Jordan, recently came under fire for promoting a drink called ‘Holo-gosta’ and featuring burning Star of David marshmallows on top. The ad for the drink showed a hand in a Palestinian flag glove holding a blowtorch, along with the hashtag “feel_the_Arabic_taste.” The ad sparked outrage on social media, with many questioning why Instagram and Facebook allowed it to remain up.

In response to the complaints, the coffee shop claimed that its Instagram page had been disabled for several hours due to “a campaign of attacks” from Zionists objecting to the new drink. The shop also mentioned that their rating on Google Maps had fallen to less than two stars, which they attributed to a campaign against the shop.

Despite the backlash, the coffee shop expressed their support for the Palestinian cause and called on their supporters to mobilize in solidarity. This incident wasn’t the first of its kind in the region, as another eatery in the West Bank had published a controversial advertisement following a recent tragedy.

In conclusion, the coffee shop faced backlash for its promotion of the ‘Holo-gosta’ drink and is dealing with the consequences, including a drop in their online ratings. Moreover, their response to the controversy has only added fuel to the fire, further deepening the divide between different communities.