Diverse Reactions from Arab Experts to Israel-Hamas Ceasefire

Most of the Arab world was in favor of the Israel-Hamas truce mediated by Qatar, Egypt, and the US. Many countries issued statements supporting the ceasefire, which included the release of Israeli hostages in exchange for relief aid, fuel trucks, and 150 Palestinian women and children in Israeli prisons. Arab experts’ views were divided, with some seeing the truce as beneficial to both parties and others as a loss for the Palestinians after nearly 50 days of war.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi expressed satisfaction with the truce. Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry welcomed the ceasefire agreement, while Jordan’s Foreign Ministry praised the mediation efforts. The UAE, Bahrain, and Oman also announced their support for the truce. However, some experts and journalists criticized the agreement and viewed it as a loss for the Palestinians.

The truce was seen as an opportunity to save the Gaza Strip from collapsing after nearly 50 days of war, but opinions were divided on its long-term implications. The civilian losses suffered by the Palestinians were considered the largest, and the truce was seen as an early declaration of loss for Hamas. Overall, the truce was viewed as a temporary halt to the conflict and a step towards finding a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue.