Divide and Conquer: Iran’s Social Media Influence on Israeli Politics

An Iranian influence network attempted to divide Israeli society since 2021, using various tactics like deep fakes and matchmaking, as reported by FakeReporter watchdog and Haaretz. The network sought to incite controversy from different sides by publishing content to pit different groups and sectors against each other. They created fake accounts posing as well-known figures and established fictitious social and political movements on platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram. The network expanded its operations, focusing on controversial issues like judicial reform, while also spreading conspiracy theories and entering group chats of activists and social movements. FakeReporter highlighted the ongoing threat posed by the Iranian influence network and called for vigilance from the public. This is not the first time such networks have targeted Israel, with previous campaigns during Operation Guardian of the Walls in 2021 and impersonation of anti-judicial reform protest movement organizers earlier this year.