Escalating Iranian Proxy War in Syria Against the US and Israel: An In-Depth Analysis

Syria is in the spotlight in the Middle East, as the US carried out airstrikes against Iranian-backed militias. This follows over 40 attacks on US forces by Iranian-backed militias in Iraq and Syria. Iran has openly bragged about these attacks, and the US has responded twice.
The Associated Press reported that fighter jets launched airstrikes on two locations in eastern Syria linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps in retaliation for drone and missile attacks against US bases and personnel.
US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that the US conducted a “self-defense” strike on a facility used by the Iranian IRGC in Syria. The US has stated that further action could be taken if the threats continue.
US Central Command has warned that it will take all necessary measures to defend its people and respond at a time and place of its choosing.
Iran’s allies continue attacks on the US, with the Houthis in Yemen targeting a US Reaper drone.
Syrian state media reported Israeli airstrikes hitting military sites in southern Syria, causing material damage. Last month, Israeli strikes put Syria’s main airports in Damascus and Aleppo out of service several times.
Iran is openly bragging about its attacks on US forces and believes this is a joint conflict against the US and Israel. Iran-backed groups see this as a “single” front, according to Iranian media.
The conflict in Syria has been growing, with Iran feeling impunity to use rockets and other threats against US forces. This has escalated tensions between various countries in the region.