Failed Attempt by Iraqi Militia to Launch Drone Attack on Eilat Foiled by Jordanian Interception

Iraqi militias attempted a drone attack on Eilat, Israel, but the drone was intercepted by Jordan in its airspace. An X account associated with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq stated that they launched the attack. The Jordanian Defense Ministry confirmed that the drone was shot down after entering Jordanian airspace. A document signed by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed the attack was in support of Gaza and as a resistance to occupation. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy noted that the IRI is not a fixed group but rather a generic name used to denote unity among Iran-backed armed groups. The Institute also suggested that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps is likely coordinating the attacks. The escalation is seen as part of Iran’s efforts to use proxy groups to put pressure on the US and Israel. Additionally, groups such as Asaib Ahl al-Haq, which is affiliated with the IRI, hold seats in the Iraqi parliament.