Fearless Women in Iran: Defying Hijab Rules Ignored by Police

Iranian women in Tehran are defying hijab rules, a recent ABC News investigation reveals. Not wearing a hijab in Iran can lead to punishment by the morality police, who patrol the streets. Despite not seeing the morality police, Iranian women receive text message warnings if they are spotted without a hijab. They could also be reported by members of the public, which could lead to having to go to court or facing financial penalties. The decade-long penalty has been in place since the protests following the death of Mahsa Amini in state custody sparked calls for reform. In the face of these threats, Iranian women are becoming more defiant and bolder in their actions, choosing not to comply with hijab laws, despite the risks. The protests following Amini’s death led to thousands of arrests and hundreds of deaths. The situation in Iran remains dangerous for those who defy the law, with many facing imprisonment and even execution.