Fine Variations for the Perfect Films

The numbers have fallen, the film industry as a whole will simply lose between 5 and 7 billion dollars. Between the postponed releases, the filming interrupted, the canceled projects, the closing of the theaters, the festivals impossible to maintain and the money lost in the promotion for films which will not finally be released, the near future is far from being radiant.

This therefore means that we are going to have a return to more modest, even mown, productions, or even to the D system. It involves shooting with natural light, indoors only, and preferably with a side door closed. The positive point is that YouTubers will finally be able to conquer dark rooms since filming yourself in an apartment is still their specialty. So now you can watch free movies online and find the films that are within your watchlist.

Less risk taking

Direct consequence of the shortfall: the funds will have to be replenished. And for that, the most classic and above all the simplest solution is to make good films. No, more seriously, it is to rely on what is considered to be safe values by producers, distributors and the public. It involves a huge setback in terms of risk-taking; time is no longer the new experience but good old recipes of great mother.

Here, logically, you must ask yourself how French cinema could take even less risk than at present, but it is very poor to know the Franchouillarde cultural exception: when you want, you can always. Prepare – we therefore for even more suites grossing tacky, a little more successful adaptations bookstore, biopics ever more complacent and all sorts of comedies whose scenario takes on a sheet of toilet paper .

A bad movie (or series) on Netflix France

Pitch: the platform sometimes knows how to be very responsive to current events, in any case more than the general average for French productions. On the other hand, it does not know how to produce quality at the moment, from Mortel to Marseille via Plan Coeur . Suddenly the sequel we know: soap opera for millennials centered on a group of friends supposed to represent diversity but closer to the casting of a perfume ad than anything else, from the big forcing at all levels, from the dialogues to the both badly written and badly played, and surely a stranger who did not ask for so much in the lead .

The Invisible Masks, by Guillaume Canet

Pitch: Our fine team of great raclettist friends meets for a holiday in Cap Ferret or in another destination suited to their way of life. In the middle of a dinner where they welcome the abolition of the ISF while having a thought for the most disadvantaged, the info falls: we must confine ourselves. Being all very far from their main residence, they decide to stay together .Only here, the holidays quickly turn sour when they become forced to this point: Max secretly dreams of running away alone, Vincent no longer takes off his mask even to sleep, Marie becomes a neat freak, Eric suspects Antoine of not respect the safety instructions and begins to track him to check that he does not forget to wash his hands when it is Isabelle who is actually infected, even if she manages to hide it from the rest of the troop . Over time the atmosphere becomes more and more heavy and icy, to the point that we ask ourselves the question: what if the real masks were the ones we use to hide our feelings?


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