Former Palestinian Prisoner Urges Hamas to Take Action Against Israel

A Palestinian prisoner recently released by Israel as part of a hostage exchange deal with Hamas was recorded chanting in support of the group and their violent actions against Israelis. In the video, Roda Musa Abdelkader Abu Agamiya, who had spent six months in Israeli prison, can be heard expressing his support for Hamas and its leader, Mohamed Deif. Deif, the head of the Al-Qassam Brigades, is known for surviving multiple assassination attempts by the IDF. The prisoner’s release has sparked controversy, as all 150 Palestinians slated to be freed have been convicted or charged with violent crimes, including terrorism-related offenses. The video of Agamiya’s support for Hamas has prompted a police complaint from an Israeli lawmaker, who stated that anyone inciting terrorism should be imprisoned. The release of the prisoners has raised concerns about the potential implications for regional security.