French Diplomat Cautions Against Israel’s Security Relationships with Jordan and Egypt being in Peril

French Ambassador Frederic Journes has warned Israel that its relationship with Egypt and Jordan is at risk if the conflict in Gaza continues to escalate, reported The Jerusalem Post. Journes stated that Israel’s peace and normalization with Arab neighbors Egypt and Jordan is in jeopardy due to the ongoing violence in Gaza. He noted the concerns of both Egypt and Jordan regarding actions that could lead to mass displacement of Palestinians from the West Bank. Journes emphasized the potential threat to Israel’s existing diplomatic ties with Egypt and Jordan, which have been crucial to its regional security architecture.

Journes also discussed the significant role Jordan plays in the situation, stating that the country would take measures to prevent any transfer of Palestinians into its territory, considering it to be a breach of the peace treaty. He clarified that international support for Israel has been higher during this conflict than in previous preemptive wars, but stressed the importance of minimizing civilian casualties and taking steps to ensure humanitarian aid in the event of a continued conflict.

The ambassador also advised that Israel needs to consider the broader implications of the conflict, especially in the public sphere, and take steps to restore the Palestinian Authority to Gaza and establish a two-state resolution to the conflict. Journes underscored the need for the international community to address Israeli concerns regarding the Palestinian Authority. He further highlighted the importance of information warfare and discrediting Hamas in the eyes of the public, stating that Israel has an important role to play in shaping the narrative around the conflict.

In conclusion, Journes provided an overview of the complexities of the conflict and the significance of Israel’s diplomatic relationships with its neighbors, urging the nation to consider all relevant factors and engage with international partners in addressing these issues.