Funeral attendees chant ‘Death to Israel’ in tribute to Revolutionary Guards adviser

The funeral service for a senior adviser in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards who was killed in an air strike in Syria turned into a display of anti-American and anti-Israel sentiments. Mourners chanted “Death to America, Death to Israel” during the service for Sayyed Razi Mousavi, who was killed in an Israeli air strike outside Damascus on Monday. Mousavi was responsible for coordinating the military alliance between Syria and Iran, and his death has prompted warnings from Iran that Israel will suffer consequences. The funeral took place in Iraq’s holy city of Najaf, with members of Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Forces carrying Mousavi’s coffin. Following the funeral in Najaf, Mousavi’s coffin will be flown to Iran for burial. Israel has not commented specifically on Mousavi’s death but has stated that it will take whatever action necessary to defend itself. The funeral and Mousavi’s death highlight the ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel in the region.