Healing Hands: Egyptian Hospitals Provide Refuge and Care for Gaza War Survivors

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has left almost 2 million Gazans homeless and caused thousands of casualties and injuries. According to the Red Crescent, associated with the International Red Cross, over 16,000 Palestinians have been killed and approximately 47,000 injured in the Gaza Strip. The Health Ministry of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip reported that the death toll has exceeded 21,000, with 55,000 Gazans injured. Field hospitals have been set up near Rafah, Egypt’s eastern border with Gaza, and approximately 15,000 people fleeing Gaza have received treatment in 37 Egyptian hospitals. Tents and shelters used by displaced Palestinians are visible at the yard of Al Shifa hospital during the Israeli ground operation around the hospital, in Gaza City. The Media Line interviewed doctors and family members of the injured to learn about their distressing experiences.