Hezbollah: Championing Gaza or Damaging Lebanon?

Hezbollah and Gaza support and Lebanon’s setback

The Lebanese front Hezbollah opened against Israel, with the aim of “supporting” Hamas resistance and its allied organizations in Gaza, has garnered little international media coverage. Even the White House’s response has been limited, with only an adviser conveying US President Joe Biden’s concerns about Iran’s involvement in escalating tensions with Hamas. This has led to concerns that Hezbollah’s actions may not actually be helping Hamas, and might actually be damaging Lebanon.

Further complicating the situation is Hezbollah’s stance on continuing attacks against Israel even if it halts its ground operation in Gaza. This approach serves to further complicate the situation and prolong the suffering of the Palestinian people. Iranian diplomacy has long been warning Israel and the US about the impatience and resilience of the “resistance forces.” However, despite these efforts, Israel has continued its military campaign without any hesitation.

While the ongoing demonstrations against Israel’s aggression have dominated the world’s TV screens, a recent poll in the US revealed a significant percentage of Americans (37%) sympathize more with Israel, compared to a mere 15% who express more sympathy for the Palestinians. However, the reliance on the results of these polls is secondary to the support Israel receives from its allies, who persistently block any attempts to hold Israel accountable in international forums.

The Israeli government’s recent war in the Gaza Strip has crossed all moral and ethical boundaries. In a month-long response to ongoing tensions, Israeli officials have unleashed unwarranted aggression on innocent civilians. This brutality has caused widespread condemnation, both within and outside of Israel. Daily protests continue to hold Israel accountable for the deteriorating security and economic conditions, with experts estimating a billion-dollar loss per week.

In summary, Hezbollah’s actions, along with Israeli aggression, have raised concerns not only for the well-being of the Palestinian people in Gaza but also for the stability and safety of the people of Lebanon and other countries in the region.