Hezbollah’s Barrage: Over 1,000 Rockets Launched as Israel Issues Warning to Iran’s Proxies

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stated that the defense establishment has observed Iran’s increasing trend of pushing for militia attacks against Israel through its proxies in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. While Yemen and Syrian proxies have attacked Israel multiple times, Iraq has been relatively under the radar, with most proxy attacks targeting the US. Gallant warned Iran, stating that they are closely monitoring these trends and will take appropriate action at the right time, place, and intensity. Additionally, he discussed the multifront war against Israel, attributing it to Tehran. He also mentioned that Hezbollah has fired on Israel over 1,000 times and has been punished by Israel, although the full extent of the impact has been kept low profile. Furthermore, Hezbollah has reported losing around 80 of its members.