Hezbollah’s Radwan Force Commander Reportedly Killed in Suspected Israeli Attack

An alleged Israeli strike on southern Lebanon on Monday killed a senior commander in Hezbollah’s elite Radwan force, three security sources told Reuters, following reports in Arabic media that a drone attack had killed Jawad al-Tawil, a field commander appointed a few weeks ago.

The strike is reported to have targeted a car in the village of Khirbat Salem.

Tawil was responsible for the strike that damaged Israel’s Meron air force base last Saturday, according to reports in the Hebrew media.

“This is a very painful strike,” one of the security sources said. Hezbollah has lost more than 130 fighters in Israeli shelling on southern Lebanon since cross-border bombardment began in the aftermath of Hamas’s October 7 massacre and the outbreak of war in Gaza.

Just six days after assassination of senior Hamas commander in Beirut

It marks the second major assassination on Lebanese soil in less than a week, following the killing of Saleh al-Arouri, the senior Hamas official, in a strike in Beirut last Tuesday. Both killings are widely assumed to have been carried out by Israel.

This strike, however, directly targeted a Hezbollah commander, rather than a member of Hamas, which Israel is at full-scale war with in Gaza, who happened to be sheltered in Lebanon, as was the case with Arouri.

Reuters contributed to this report.