Houthi Militants Blow Up House, Killing Family of Nine

A family of nine was killed in a brutal attack in Yemen’s Bayda province, resulting in the complete destruction of their home. Houthi fighters besieged the residence and detonated explosives, leaving two adults and seven children dead. The house, belonging to Ibrahim al-Zalei, was obliterated along with surrounding buildings. Witnesses reported additional victims buried under the rubble, prompting rescue efforts.

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Motivation for the attackĀ 

The assault is believed to be retaliation for al-Zalei’s alleged involvement in an ambush that killed two Houthi fighters. The Houthi group, a Shia militia linked to Iran, has been in conflict with Yemen’s government since 2014, controlling parts of the country. In response, the Houthi-controlled Interior Ministry condemned the use of explosives by their fighters and pledged to apprehend those responsible.