Houthi official warns of dangers in Red Sea travel for vessels in Yemen

Mohamed Ali al-Houthi, head of Yemen’s Houthi supreme revolutionary committee, posted a message on Tuesday with guidance on how cargo ships can comply with their naval blockade against Israel while traveling through the Red Sea. The Houthi warning includes a restriction on travel towards “Occupied Palestinian territories” and advises that all ships passing through Yemen should keep radios turned on, bear the proper flag, and quickly respond to Houthi attempts at communication. Al-Houthi also advised against cargo ships from “falsifying their identity” or raising flags different from the country belonging to the cargo ship owner.

The Houthis have waded into the Israel-Hamas conflict, attacking vessels in vital shipping lanes and firing drones and missiles at Israel. On Saturday, they said that to protest the Gaza war, they would target all ships heading to Israel, regardless of their nationality, and warned international shipping companies against dealing with Israeli ports. The Houthis announced on December 9 that all ships sailing to Israel are banned from the Red and Arabian Sea. America increased its presence in the Red Sea after the Houthis fired missiles toward Israel last month.