Houthi Rebels Escalate Attacks on Ships and Drones in the Red Sea

The Iranian-backed Houthis have increased attacks, despite a month of US-led airstrikes. The US Central Command confirmed that the Iranian-backed Houthis targeted the Sea Champion with anti-ship ballistic missiles. The ship sustained minor damage and continued its journey to Aden, Yemen.

In another incident, the Houthis downed a US Reaper drone and attacked the M/V Navis Fortuna, causing minor damage. The US and coalition warships shot down 10 drones and intercepted an anti-ship cruise missile. Additionally, the Belize-flagged cargo vessel Rubymar was attacked by the Houthis, forcing the crew to abandon the ship.

The Houthis show no signs of deterrence and are increasing their attacks, targeting ships they believe are linked to the US and UK. They have also used unmanned vessels in their attacks, showing an increase in capabilities amid the ongoing conflict.