IDF Seizes Control of Hamas Stronghold in Northern Gaza

Israeli forces seized a Hamas military stronghold in the northern Gaza Strip, the IDF said. IDF troops, accompanied by Israeli Air Force jets, targeted a group of around 10 Palestinian terrorists before guiding the ground forces to the stronghold. In the compound, the troops found anti-tank missiles, launchers, weapons, and various intelligence materials. The military also targeted numerous mortar launchpads across the Strip overnight, according to the Israeli military. The Israeli Navy also carried out operations in the Strip early on Tuesday morning, targeting “strategic targets belonging to Hamas, including outposts containing what the IDF said were technological assets. IDF fighter jets, guided by the IDF’s 36th Armored Division, also gunned down a terror cell near the al-Quds Hospital. The cell had barricaded itself and planned to attack the ground forces from its position. Aerial strikes on the cell caused a large secondary explosion, indicating the presence of a cache of explosives and other Hamas weaponry stored in the vicinity of the hospital. This is a developing story.