IDF uncovers evidence of Hamas’ use of Gaza hospitals and contrived fuel shortage

Israeli forces prioritized evacuation offers above other operational missions in the Gaza Strip, IDF spokesperson R.-Adm. Daniel Hagari reassured on Sunday. Close to six million phone calls were carried out by the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Office. “Hamas is weak without human shields,” Hagari said. Hagari showed photo evidence of Hamas launchpads adjacent to hospitals across Gaza, with the knowledge the IDF could not strike the launchpads due to collateral damage that would be done to the hospital. “They say there is a fuel shortage in Gaza, they are liars, liars,” a Gazan official the IDF said was close to Hamas was heard saying in a recorded conversation, which Hagari said the United States had verified. “There is no fuel shortage of fuel in Gaza. It is in the hands of Hamas.” This is a developing story.