Injuries Reported in Clashes Along Jordan-Syria Border, says Jordanian Army

Jordan’s army seized weapons and drugs in clashes with armed drug dealers along the Syrian border. The gunmen are linked to pro-Iranian militias trying to undermine the country’s security. The army said the infiltrators fled back across the border after injuring several army personnel in major incursions that left one Jordanian soldier and at least a dozen smugglers dead. Weapons seized included automatic rifles and rocket launchers left by the gunmen. Officials claim Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah group and militias in southern Syria are behind a surge in drug and weapons smuggling.
A former minister briefed by officials stated, “Iran is sponsoring these militias. These are hostile military actions against Jordan on its territory.” Iran and Hezbollah deny the allegations and say they are part of Western plots. Syria denies complicity with Iranian-backed militias linked to its army and security forces.
The illicit drug trade finances pro-Iranian militias and pro-government paramilitary forces in Syria. War-torn Syria is a major site for a multi-billion-dollar drug trade, with Jordan being a key transit route for a Syrian-made amphetamine known as captagon. The army plans to continue tracking armed groups and preventing any attempt to undermine the country’s national security. Jordan’s Foreign Minister told Iran’s Foreign Minister that Tehran should do more to rein in the militias funded by Iran along the Syrian-Jordanian border. The Jordanian army is considering conducting pre-emptive strikes inside Syria against the militias linked to the drug trade.