Insights from Lebanese Peace Activists on the Ongoing Conflict with Israel

…realized that peace is the only way forward.

It is heartbreaking to see my country torn apart by the influence of external forces like Iran and Hezbollah. The Lebanese people deserve to live in peace and prosperity, not to be used as pawns in a larger geopolitical game. I believe in dialogue, in reaching out to our neighbors and finding common ground.

I am not afraid of being called a traitor or a spy. My only allegiance is to the people of Lebanon and to the cause of peace. We cannot afford to waste any more time on pointless conflicts. The future lies in cooperation, in building bridges instead of walls.

I see Israel not as an enemy, but as a potential partner. We have so much to gain from working together, from sharing our resources and our talents. Let us put aside our differences and embrace a future of mutual respect and understanding.

I am just one voice among many, but I believe that together, we can make a difference. Let us light that small candle of peace, and watch it grow into a bright flame that illuminates the path to a better future for all.