International Efforts to Deter Houthis: A Comparative Analysis of US, UK, and Allied Actions

The US, UK and other allies have acted to deter Iran-backed Houthi attacks on shipping in the Red Sea by targeting the Houthis in Yemen last month, striking a number of targets. The US, UK and French navy has intercepted attacks and also launched an initiative to help stop these attacks. Iran has been closely involved in the regional conflict that Hamas began on October 7, The Houthis are used by Iran along with other elements in a multi-front conflict targeting Israel and the US.

The Houthis have attacked shipping in the Red Sea, which is a strategic shipping lane. It took two months to take the Houthi threats seriously. Iran has helped arm the Houthis since 2015 when the group tried to take over Yemen. The Houthis initially wanted to show support for Hamas. However, Tehran has used the Houthis to attack ships as one of its many tentacles in the region, The US, UK and other allies have struck back and now the question is whether the Houthis will continue to cross the newly drawn line in the Red Sea.