Iran-Backed Houthis Call for Removal of US and UK Aid Workers

The Iranian-backed Houthi militants are calling for the eviction of US and UK nationals employed in Yemen. This demand was communicated through a letter sent to the United Nations in Yemen. The Houthis have also urged aid organizations not to hire individuals with US and UK citizenship for the next 30 days.

Furthermore, the Houthis have explicitly stated that personnel from the US and UK must leave the country. Despite controlling only a part of Yemen, the Houthis have been targeting commercial ships and have recently faced increased airstrikes from the US and UK military in response to these attacks.

According to reports from Al-Ain media, the Houthis have threatened UN officials and workers from the World Food Programme who hold US and UK citizenship. This aggressive stance marks a new level of hostility from the Houthis, signaling potential future attacks on US and UK ships.

While allowing Russian and Chinese ships to pass through the Red Sea, the Houthis have been hostile towards other shipping companies and have shown support for Hamas in Gaza.