Iran denounces US airstrikes as breaches of Iraqi and Syrian autonomy

Iran’s foreign ministry has criticized the recent US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria as violations of the two countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity. The ministry spokesperson, Nasser Kanaani, called the US airstrikes “adventurous and strategic mistakes” that will only increase tension and instability in the region. The airstrikes targeted over 85 sites linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and its backed militias in response to a deadly drone attack in Jordan that killed three US troops.

Although the strikes did not target sites within Iran, they indicate an escalation of conflict in the Middle East, following Israel’s nearly four-month war on Gaza. Kanaani also accused the US attacks of being an attempt to divert attention from Israel’s actions in Gaza and urged the UN Security Council to prevent illegal and unilateral US attacks in the region.

Prior to the retaliatory strikes, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stated that Iran would not start a war but would respond strongly to anyone trying to bully it. Kanaani emphasized that Israel’s occupation and actions against Palestinians, with the US’s support, are the root cause of tensions and crises in the Middle East.