Iran strengthens ties with Russia, reaches out to China and Turkey for Gaza ceasefire support

Iran advanced closer to a Moscow alliance as it finalized a new treaty and urged for a Gaza ceasefire with Russia, China, and Turkey. This was done as the Houthis, Yemen’s Iran-sponsored group, claimed to have attacked a Norwegian oil tanker delivering crude to an Israeli port. In response, the Russian and Iranian foreign ministers discussed strengthening their relationship and expediting the completion of a new grand interstate treaty. This follows Iranian President Raisi’s recent visit to Moscow, where he met with President Putin. Israel expressed concerns about the deepening ties between Russia and Iran, particularly in the military realm. Iran’s support for Hamas has raised fears of expanding the conflict beyond Israel and Hamas to a regional and international scale. Iran, along with its allies China and Turkey, opposed the Gaza war in a meeting in Geneva. They emphasized the need for an immediate stop to Israeli strikes and a lifting of the humanitarian aid blockade in Gaza. Iranian Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian also spoke at a UN meeting, stating that a political, not military, resolution is the only path to securing the release of hostages taken by Hamas and ending the conflict. Lastly, Iran’s Supreme Leader has called for a temporary political embargo on Muslim countries that have political ties with Israel.