Iran Unveils Intelligence on ‘Dozens’ of Israeli Spies Operating Globally

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry made allegations against Israeli spies on Friday, claiming their discovery in 28 countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe. The ministry stated that this operation, involving the regime’s secret agents, was the largest intelligence and counter-intelligence effort against Israel. Additionally, the ministry mentioned uncovering essential information about military facilities, weapons factories, and civilian strategic industries of Israel. The release of specific details was limited to protect human factors involved in the project, both inside and outside Israel’s occupied territories. Furthermore, the ministry warned of consequences for Iranians found to be spying for Israel abroad. Iran has a history of threatening and targeting Iranian dissidents critical of the regime living overseas. The ministry also claimed to have provided information on Israeli spies to the countries where they were found, resulting in their arrests or in exchange for intelligence on Israel. Iran has a track record of periodically claiming to have uncovered Israeli spies and often accuses political dissidents of collaborating with Israeli intelligence. Earlier in the week, four Kurdish Iranians were executed by Iranian authorities, charged with planning an attack with the Mossad. Human rights groups raised concerns about the fairness of their trial.