Iranian Media Alleges Hezbollah Receives ‘Almas’ Missiles from Iran

Iran’s Hezbollah Used Iranian-Made Anti-Tank Missile Against Israel

Iran’s Tasnim News reported recently that Hezbollah had presented evidence of using the Iranian-made Almas anti-tank missile. Iran provided the missile to Hezbollah. A video showing a Hezbollah missile attack on Israel confirmed the use of the Almas missile. Since the beginning of the war, Hezbollah has been using guided anti-armor missiles as a strategy against Israel. Thousands of missiles and rockets have been fired at Israel since the attacks began. Hezbollah has targeted Israel’s surveillance and telecommunication equipment using guided anti-armor missiles. Iran has supplied Hezbollah with various types of missiles through the IRGC. Iran credits Israel for inspiring the development of the Almas missile, which is an attempt to copy the Israeli Spike missile. The Almas missile has different types with ranges of up to 8km. Other missiles have longer ranges based on the target type. Hezbollah’s use of the Almas missile and other new capabilities are being closely monitored by Iran to test how well the weapons work. This strategy underpins the Hezbollah threats to Israel.