Iranian Proxy War: US Service Members Killed in Escalation

Three American service members were killed on Saturday in a drone attack in Jordan near the Syrian border. The White House has blamed “radical Iran-backed militant groups” for the attack, which was a major escalation in the region as it shows that Iran is willing to expand the war into new countries. US forces were targeted in Serbia and Iraq by the pro-Iranian “Islamic Resistance.”

Iran has operationalized the Houthis in Yemen to attack ships in the Red Sea and has also prodded its proxies in Syria and Iraq to carry out more than 150 attacks on US forces. Additionally, Iran has pushed Hezbollah to fire more than 2,000 rockets at Israel and has become a headache for Jordan because of drug smuggling. US garrison in Syria, Tanf, has been targeted by drones linked to Iran. Iran and its proxies have escalated, targeting a place called Khirba Adnan in Syria.

The Iranian-backed attacks on the US and UK represent a new stage in Iranian willingness to expand its wars by proxies. Pro-Iranian politicians in Iraq have called for US forces to leave Iraq, and there have been numerous attacks over the last two days by Iranian proxies in Iraq and Syria. Hezbollah claimed to have targeted Israel and the Iran-backed Houthis targeted the HMS Diamond with a drone overnight, representing a new stage in Iranian-backed attacks.