Iranian Ship Assisting Houthis with Surveillance in Red Sea

The recent attacks by Yemen’s Houthis on vessels in the Red Sea are allegedly being carried out with intelligence provided by Iran’s paramilitary forces, according to an exclusive report by the Wall Street Journal on Friday, citing Western and regional security officials. The report suggests that Iranian paramilitary forces control a surveillance vessel that tracks information, which is then passed to the Houthis for use in their attacks on ships in the Red Sea, particularly through the Bab el-Mandeb strait. According to the report, the Iranian vessel in the region is “enabling the Houthi drones and missiles to accurately target the ships,” causing concern for oil producers and shipping lines around the world, who have been diverting their vessels from the area and switching off their radios to avoid being tracked.

In response, a Houthi spokesperson denied the need to rely on Iran for assistance on attacks, while a Western security official claimed that the group requires Iranian assistance, as they lack the radar technology to target ships effectively. Despite the conflicting statements, the article highlights the growing tensions between Iran, Israel, and the US over the Houthi attacks. The Houthis have attributed their attacks in the Red Sea to Israel’s military operations in Gaza, but the ships targeted have had little to no connection to the Jewish state. Additionally, the report mentions Israel’s anger over Houthi attacks on the Eilat port, intercepted by the US.