Iranian Student Allegedly Murdered by IRGC in Southern Iran

The Iranian Baloch student, 19-year-old Sepehr Shirani, was found dead after being arrested by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the Sistan-Baluchistan Province in southeastern Iran on Tuesday, reportedly for posting content on social media in support of anti-government protests. According to human rights groups, his family was told he would be questioned and released, but he was found dead and shot in the head on the roof of his home on Thursday morning. The family is working to get his body released from regime authorities. Iranian authorities had warned Shirani against his support for protests in Zahedan, where intense demonstrations have occurred since 2022, including the massacre of about 100 men, women, and children protesting Iranian forces in what has been referred to as “Bloody Friday”. The prosecutor in Zahedan denied the reports on Thursday, claiming that Shirani was never arrested and that he committed suicide. This incident follows a series of executions by regime authorities against Kurdish Iranians and reports of crackdowns on activists and students across Iran. Less than a week before Shirani’s death, Mohammad Qobadlou, who participated in protests in 2022, was also executed by the regime.