Iran’s IRGC Navy expands with two new ‘stealth’ ships

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy added two new patrol ships, Shahid Sayad Shirazi and Shahid Bagheri, in a ceremony attended by Iran’s Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri. The ships feature a catamaran design and draws inspiration from the Chinese Type 22 missile boat, measures 60 meters in length with a helipad and fast boat storage. These vessels have stealth aspects and are geared with naval radar and anti-ship cruise missiles. The top speed of the ships is 45 knots, and they have a range of almost 5,000km at sea. Bagheri addressed the event, praising Iran’s shipyards and its armed forces, mentioning the war in Gaza, criticizing the US, and commending the Palestinian cause, viewing the conflict as a gamechanger. The event stresses Iran’s bid to bolster its naval forces and increase its regional power projection.