Iran’s President Raisi Heads to Turkey for Long-Awaited Gaza Negotiations

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi recently visited Turkey to discuss economic and commercial issues. The two countries also share a common position in supporting Palestine and oppose Israel’s war in Gaza. Their support for Hamas differs, with Iran engaging in missile attacks and pushing its proxies to attack Israel and the US, while Turkey has been involved in a bombing campaign in Syria targeting the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

Iran expects to sign several deals in Turkey and views the visit as an opportunity to discuss the Palestinian issue. The agenda also focuses on working together outside the orbit of the West, given Turkey’s recent disagreements with Western powers. Additionally, Iran seeks to shift its policies towards China and aims to collaborate with Turkey regarding organizations such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS. The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in eastern Syria have been targeted by Iranian-backed militias and Turkey.

Turkey’s pro-government newspaper, Daily Sabah, highlights Erdogan’s support for Hamas and his strong anti-Israel views, comparing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler. It notes that the turmoil in the Middle East has added complexity to the relationship between Turkey and Iran.

Overall, the Iranian President’s visit to Turkey underscores the delicate balance of power and opposition to Israel’s actions in the region. Both countries seek to strengthen economic ties and collaborate against common adversaries such as Israel and the US.