Iran’s Triumphs: A Closer Look at the 10 Achievements on Oct. 7

Hossein Salami, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, asserted in a speech on Saturday that the recent attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7 is a significant step in the direction of Israel and the United States’ defeat. His remarks were made in Tehran during a large anti-Israel protest. Salami’s predictions about Israel and the US’s defeat are similar to his previous speeches, but the Hamas attack on October 7 has prompted Iran to plan and execute attacks in the region using proxies. Iran’s way of thinking can be seen through the regime’s comments and actions. On Saturday, Iran’s Foreign Minister cautioned that the conflict in Gaza could extend to other parts of the region. Iran continues to target US forces in Syria and Iraq using proxy militias. Salami’s speech offered insight into Iran’s perspective on the current war against Israel, and it signifies a significant historical turning point, as per Salami. Iran believes that Israel is rapidly heading toward defeat. In the Iranian view, October 7 was a turning point that altered the course of history. Salami also claims that it is part of a historical arc that reaches back to the time when the British, French, and US were more influential in the region. He argued that it is a manifestation of the crimes and atrocities committed by these countries and the Zionist regime over the past 100 years. Salami went on to say that Israel has been displacing Palestinians for 75 years, but the October 7 attack has changed things. Iran believes that the attack marks a turning point in human history. He went further to claim that Israel has won wars and maintained its dominance through various massacres over the years. Iran is convinced that the October attack has shown that Israel will need foreign help to survive. In Salami’s view, the US and other foreign governments cannot save Israel from collapse anymore. Iran is now openly discussing the combination of various fronts for a multi-front war against Israel, stating that Israel is too small to battle all of Iran’s proxies. Salami believes that the world is united against the US, and Iran wants to utilize the war in Gaza to mobilize anti-US sentiment. Regarding the ongoing war in Gaza, Iran is certain that the US and Israel will not emerge victorious; they are spreading propaganda around the region against the US. Iran’s Salami even admits that Israel is winning to some extent on the battlefield in Gaza, but he claims that the US and Israel are only fighting against civilians. Salami suggests that there may be more attacks coming in an “invisible” war. The ongoing war will continue for many years, with Iran seeking to take revenge, and the Israelis can expect years of threats and instability. Hamas agrees, claiming that the US bears a political and legal responsibility for the crimes and massacres in Gaza. Salami believes that the October 7 attack is just one step towards an endless war that will bring anxiety to Israel as an integral part of everyday life.