Iran’s Uranium Stockpile Nearing Nuclear Bomb Threshold, According to US Expert Analysis

One of the leading experts on nuclear weapons programs, American physicist David Albright, issued a disturbing report on Iran’s capabilities, indicating that it could produce enough uranium for an atomic bomb in just one week. In his January 8 report, Albright highlighted Iran’s increased capacity for producing weapon-grade uranium, stating that it could potentially amass enough for multiple nuclear weapons within a short period. He also emphasized Iran’s readiness to transform enriched uranium into weapon components, based on its previous nuclear activities.

Following the report, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi, emphasized Iran’s unique position as a non-nuclear weapons state enriching uranium at a level very close to weapons grade. Albright further warned that Western intelligence agencies may struggle to detect Iran’s nuclear weaponization efforts due to the complexities and conflicts in the Middle East.

In response to these developments, Albright advocated for a strategy to deter Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons, suggesting that the international community should implement concrete measures to dissuade Iran and prepare for potential military actions if necessary. He stressed the importance of bolstering U.S. military cooperation with Israel to address Iran’s nuclear capabilities, along with building military capabilities with regional partners in the Middle East to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and deter any potential retaliation.