IRGC: Blasts attributed to ISIS carried out ‘under Zionist guidance’ – official statement

The Tasnim News Agency, connected to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Iran, alleged that ISIS claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in Iran under ‘Zionist guidance.’ The attack in Kerman resulted in the deaths of more than 80 people and left many others wounded.

According to the agency, “a few hours after the implementation of the operation, the Zionist regime ordered the ISIS caliphate to accept the responsibility for this action.” ISIS claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in a statement, stating that suicide bombers detonated explosive belts in the middle of a crowd that had gathered in the southeastern Iranian city of Kerman.

The Tasnim News Agency argued that it is the “Zionist regime” that is responsible for this attack on the people of Iran. The agency also stated that they believe that ISIS’s statement is not real because the statement is different from ISIS’s usual rhetoric, providing several examples to support this claim.

The article concluded that the delayed ISIS statement claiming responsibility for the Kerman terrorist incident was orchestrated by the intelligence service of the Zionist regime, and ISIS merely disseminated it through its official channels. US officials have stated that the attack was consistent with ISIS’s modus operandi and its terrorist attacks in the past.

The IRGC controls the Tasnim News Agency, which largely amplifies the ideology of the IRGC.