IRGC conducts mock destruction of Israeli Air Force’s Palmahim air base in simulation training

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) showcased a simulation of demolishing Israel’s Palmahim Air Base on Monday, in honor of “Guards Day,” marking the 45th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, as reported by Iranian state media Tasnim. The IRGC conducted the simulation by firing ballistic missiles at a replica of one of Israel’s air force bases as part of the overall celebration. The event included a naval showcase with missiles being launched from submarines and boats. The replica of the airbase was constructed in the Iranian desert, according to MEMRI.

During the celebration, Iran also introduced new missiles, Emad and Qadr, both of which were said to possess enhanced accuracy and range, as per Iranian state media. Iranian media claimed that the Palmahim Air Base was targeted because it is the main location of the F-35 fighter jets of Israel’s air force, and is a critical base in Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had previously declared from the Palmahim base that Israel would not hesitate to attack Iran, sending a clear message to the nation funding proxies launching attacks on Israel and targeting Israelis and Jewish people worldwide. The IRGC reportedly utilized the base’s measurements to build their targets and gauge the size of the new missiles.

Local reports suggested that the IRGC’s simulation was intended to showcase their capabilities in the event of an attack on Iranian territory. Additionally, state media reported that the Emad liquid fuel missiles were highly explosive, with the ability to destroy targets within a range of 1700 km. IRGC commander-in-chief Hossein Salami claimed success in launching long-range ballistic missiles from a warship for the first time, emphasizing the increased naval influence and power of their warships. Salami warned that there would be no safe place for any power attempting to create insecurity for Iran.