Is Iran’s belief in Israel’s desire for regional war justified?

Iranian pro-government sources are essential to understanding Tehran’s policies and future moves, as they tend to promote the Iranian regime’s narrative. A recent article by Iran’s Tasnim News highlighted alleged Israeli airstrikes in Damascus. The article featured several experts commenting on the situation in Syria. One expert expressed concern about Israel pushing Iranian-backed militias to start a regional war. Iran’s objective is to provoke confrontations with Israel, but it is also cautious and reluctant to risk the destruction of its proxies. The Iranian regime is intensifying its focus on Syria and mourning members of the IRGC killed there. Iranian media views recent Israeli military setbacks as signs of desperation. The potential for a regional war is also being examined by Arab sources, contributing to broader concerns. Both Iran and Western media predict the possibility of regional escalation. However, Iran must consider whether its proxy operations across various Middle Eastern countries are achieving the desired effects. While Iran may not genuinely believe that Israel desires a regional conflict, it may be propagating this theory as part of its strategy. Iran continues to assess the situation in Syria and other fronts against Israel.