Israel Nearing Diplomatic Breakthrough to Remove Hezbollah from Border

Israel is close to reaching a “diplomatic solution” to move terror organization Hezbollah away from the northern border with Lebanon. The main goal is to move Hezbollah forces north of the Litani River and away from Israeli civilians. Discussions with European partners also included the potential strengthening of the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) in the country’s south. Minister Benny Gantz held conversations with the foreign ministers of the United Kingdom and France on the subject.

On Sunday, a Hezbollah MP warned that Israeli airstrikes causing widespread damage in the town of Aitaroun near the Israeli-Lebanese border were a “new escalation,” and the terrorist group would continue its attacks on Israel. The IDF’s response to Hezbollah attacks was seen as a significant escalation according to Lebanese media.

Last week, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told the leaders of communities near the northern border that Israel was attempting to reach a diplomatic solution in which Hezbollah would retreat to the Litani River but was also prepared to remove the terrorist group through military means from the area near the border. Israel is preparing to set a deadline for a diplomatic solution, and the chances of such a solution are believed to be low. Tzvi Joffre contributed to this report.