Israeli Security Forces Capture 19 Wanted Terrorists in West Bank Operation

The IDF, Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), and Border Police reported Saturday afternoon that they had arrested 19 wanted terrorists in Judea and Samaria, including nine members of Hamas. During overnight operations in Gush Etzion, three unlicensed firearms were seized, and a hunting weapon was confiscated in the Menashe Regional Council. Gunfire was directed at Israeli forces during the operation, and they responded by neutralizing the attackers.

In Beit Ummar, an M16 rifle, a Carlo submachine gun, and a handgun were confiscated, while weapons and military equipment were seized in Anata, Yata, and Qalqilya. In Qalqilya, Palestinians attacked Israeli forces with stones, explosives, and Molotov cocktails, resulting in injuries.

Since the beginning of the conflict, approximately 1,560 wanted individuals have been arrested in various locations in Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley, including 940 who were affiliated with Hamas. The IDF continues to battle and kill terrorists in Gaza and fight against Hezbollah on Israel’s northern front.