Israel’s Challenge: Defeating Hamas and Preventing a Nuclear Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran benefits from the war in Gaza because it distracts Israel and its allies from Iran’s nuclear weapons capability. The International Atomic Energy Agency recently reported that Iran has violated its nuclear commitments and has expanded its stockpile of enriched uranium, including uranium enriched to nearly weapons-grade purity. The regime has also continued to obstruct UN inspectors.

While Israel’s immediate priority is to eliminate Hamas military capabilities in Gaza, it must also prevent Iran from advancing its nuclear ambitions. There is an ongoing debate about whether Tehran gave Hamas the go-ahead for the October 7 attack, but the attack was undeniably part of Iran’s long-term plan to destroy Israel.

The ultimate goal of Iran’s leader, Ali Khamenei, is to take advantage of the world’s focus on Gaza to secretly produce military-grade fissile material for nuclear weapons and advance its weaponization program. The White House insists Iran was “complicit” in the October 7 attack due to its funding, training, and capabilities provided to Hamas.

Israel must continue targeting Iran’s nuclear program and work to persuade the US to end nuclear negotiations with Iran. Israeli leaders must direct intelligence agencies to identify key targets and vulnerabilities in the Iranian nuclear program. Mossad operatives should take the lead on missions inside Iran to eliminate nuclear weapons scientists and Hamas leadership globally.

The Biden administration’s approach to Iran’s nuclear threat relies on diplomacy and financial incentives, which have not deterred Iran’s provocative actions. Despite the war in Gaza, the White House has not acknowledged the link between Iran and Hamas. Israel needs a partner who understands that Hamas is part of the terror network led by Khamenei, and that the US and Israel must work together to address both the head and the tentacles of the octopus that is the Islamic Republic.