Jerusalem soldier’s heroic act: Intercepts Hamas grenades, saves lives

Staff Sgt. Aner Elyakim Shapiro, a fighter in the Nahal patrol from Jerusalem, showed immense heroism during the October 7 attack. Seeking refuge in a public bomb shelter near the Nova festival near Re’im, Shapiro protected the shelter entrance at great personal risk, preventing the terrorists from harming the partygoers by thwarting their attempts. Each time a grenade was hurled into the shelter, he snatched it and threw it back, preventing it from detonating. Tragically, on the eighth attempt, he was fatally wounded. At least seven people who had taken refuge in the shelter survived.

Caught on film

An extraordinary video capturing Shapiro’s heroism has surfaced. The footage details the relentless attacks, with grenades thrown into the shelter and Shapira courageously tossing them back. Shapiro retrieves a grenade thrown into the shield at 1:02, successfully preventing an explosion. Additionally, at 1:55, he successfully disposes of yet another grenade before it explodes. The intense assault continues with terrorists shooting inside and throwing another grenade, promptly thrown out by Shapiro. Moments showcase his consistent success in ejecting grenades and safeguarding the lives within.

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