Jordan Condemns Forcible Expulsion of Palestinians

Jordan’s King Abdullah urged the world to condemn any attempt by Israel to forcibly displace Palestinians from the Gaza Strip or other areas during a meeting with Cypriot President Nikos Christodoulides in Amman. He also called for an immediate ceasefire and warned that Israel’s continuous bombing was leading to a “dangerous deterioration” in the situation, emphasizing the need to increase efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza civilians. Abdullah has been lobbying Western leaders to pressure Israel to allow for the uninterrupted flow of aid and open controlled crossings to bring in sufficient aid needed. UNRWA officials have reported that only a small portion of aid is reaching Gaza through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, which can only handle a fraction of the needs. The Israeli campaign started in response to an attack by Hamas terrorists and has resulted in significant casualties and displacement among Palestinians.
The King also warned of dangerous consequences if Israel attempts to forcibly push Palestinians from their land while maintaining security control. There are fears of wider violence in the West Bank and concerns that Israel may attempt to forcibly expel large numbers of Palestinians across the Jordan River, which could prompt Jordan to suspend its peace treaty with Israel. Lastly, Jordan condemned Israel’s expansion of Jewish settlement building in Arab East Jerusalem, calling it a violation of international law and a threat to peace prospects.