Jordan FM assures Arab troops will not enter Gaza and promises not to be perceived as the enemy

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi has rejected the proposal to deploy Arab troops to Gaza post-war to maintain security and prevent the resurgence of Hamas. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserts that Israel should retain security control over Gaza indefinitely, while the Biden administration suggests that the IDF should temporarily maintain control until a security architecture is established. Safadi emphasized that Arab troops will not participate in policing Gaza, as it would signify enabling Israel to destroy the enclave without any consequences. He urged for an immediate ceasefire and emphasized the need for a two-state solution to achieve peace and security for both Palestinians and Israelis. He also dismissed any comparison between Hamas and ISIS, attributing the conflict to the absence of a political process to resolve the Palestinian issue. Safadi warned against the displacement of Palestinians from Gaza and called for an end to the war for the establishment of a two-state solution. He stressed that regional peace cannot be achieved without resolving the Palestinian conflict.