Jordan Holds the Key to Resolving the Current Conflict: Consensus among Leading Officials

Jordan plays key role in Arab-Israeli conflict
Jordan has been a key player in representing the Arab perspective in the current Israel-Hamas war and is likely to be involved in discussions about the future of the Palestinian territories after the conflict. The country has a strong relationship with the Palestinian Authority leadership and is expected to provide valuable advice to international actors. However, one drawback is that Jordan has not engaged in serious negotiations with the Hamas movement, and the handling of Hamas-related matters may continue to be handled by Egypt. Despite this, Jordan’s strong relationship with the United States and its historical peace treaty with Israel are seen as important assets. Additionally, Jordan’s military continues to have strong ties with the Israeli military, and the country has provided aid to Gaza and established a military field hospital, signaling its commitment to maintaining a strong relationship.
Several leading Jordanians agree that Jordan can play a crucial role in the current events and talks. Mohammad Momani, a former deputy prime minister of Jordan, emphasized the importance of Jordan’s wisdom and vision in resolving the conflict. Jamil Nimri, a member of the Jordanian Senate and head of the Social Democratic Party politburo, stated that Jordan would be willing to discuss a cease-fire in parallel with a political solution, rather than a temporary solution for governing Gaza. The country’s central and strategic role in the Arab-Israeli conflict is underscored by the fact that the Palestinian issue is deeply ingrained in Jordan, and the country has significant influence on decision-makers in Ramallah.
Ahmad Awad, director of Jordan’s Phenix Center for Economics and Infomatics Studies, stressed the need for any solution to be based on international law and UN resolutions, and for Israel to end its occupation and war crimes. He also emphasized the importance of including all key parties in the conflict, including the Palestinians and their representatives, in negotiations and efforts to find solutions. Overall, Jordan’s role in the Israel-Hamas conflict is expected to be significant, and its input will likely be closely considered by the international community.